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Brass Round Jump Rings – Multiple Finishes (Popular)

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Product information

Shape Round
Open/Closed Open
Metal Type Brass
Minimum Order 100 Pieces

Additional information

Diameter x Thickness

3.6mm x .8mm Wire – JR1, 3.7mm x .6mm Wire – JR4, 3.8mm x .9mm Wire – JR2, 4mm x 1mm Wire – JR3, 4mm x .5mm Wire – JR5, 4.4mm x .7mm Wire – JR6, 4.6mm x .8mm Wire – JR7, 4.8mm x .9mm Wire – JR8, 4.9mm x .7mm Wire – JR34, 5.4mm x .9mm Wire – JR9, 5.5mm x 1.5mm Wire – JR35, 5.8mm x .9mm Wire – JR10, 6mm x 1mm Wire – JR11, 6.4mm x 1.2mm Wire – JR12, 6.6mm x .8mm Wire – JR36, 7mm x 1mm Wire – JR13, 7.4mm x 1.2mm Wire – JR14, 8mm x 1mm Wire – JR15, 8.4mm x 1.2mm Wire – JR32, 9mm x 1.5mm Wire – JR16, 9.8mm x .9mm Wire – JR17, 10.4mm x 1.2mm Wire – JR33, 11mm x 1.5mm Wire – JR18, 12mm x 1.5mm Wire – JR41, 13mm x 1.5mm Wire – JR42, 15mm x 1.5mm Wire – JR43, 16mm x 1.5mm Wire – JR37


Raw – Unplated, Nickel Plated, Black Plated, Tin Plated, Silver Plated, Gold Plated


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